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The next generation of caravanning has started.

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Free as
a bird

Go wherever you want. Over and over again. Break free for the weekend, or discover your favourite holiday country? Shall we stay here, or move on?

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  • Being one with nature
  • Bad weather? Let's move on!
  • For active campers

Discovering your favourite holiday destination

Where to see?

Ready for

The TakeOff opens up automatically, with just a few small actions within 30 seconds completely ready for use.

Ready to Camp within 30 seconds

  • Small on the outside
  • Smart on the inside
  • Different colors
  • 3 models and many options

X-tra Space

With the awning extension, which is easy to attach to the awning, the X10T transforms itself into a fully-fledged tent. With the optional detachable sleeping tunnel tent, you have access to 2 extra sleeping places, accessible from the inside.

  • X10T tent awning
  • 2 extra beds
  • Fully-fledged tent
  • Give children space
Karsten Tents
X10T open awning
X10T closed
X10T closed + sleeping tunnel tent

Just one day of kite surfing by the sea?

The TakeOff is very easy to take along.

Where to see?

Your own TakeOff

Design your own TakeOff easily and quickly: exterior and interior

Interior options

Discover all the possibilities and distinguish yourself with your personal style. Your taste, your own TakeOff

Various colours
Design your own TakeOff
"Integrated space for a portable toilet, handy with young children, on the road or at night."

Your ultimate travel companion

Our mission

Easy Caravanning, the new camping, chasing your dreams of freedom ...

"Shall we stay, or move on?

It's up to you, because with the TakeOff it's all possible. Everything you need, always available, every moment. Ready for the next adventure. All gain, no pain.

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About us

Combine the advantages of a touring caravan with those of a folding trailer. Without the disadvantages. This has led us to develop "the next generation of caravanning".

  • Former colleagues of Kip Caravans
  • Holtkamper
  • More than 70 years of RV experience
  • Karsten
  • Hegge ID