Made in Holland

The TakeOff is a crossover of a touring caravan and a folding trailer, the best of both worlds.

About us

Combine the advantages of a touring caravan with those of a folding trailer. Without the disadvantages.

This has led us to develop 'the next generation of caravanning'.

As passionate campers, and former colleagues of Kip Caravans (Rikus Hoving, Maarten de Roos and Dennis Tiethoff), we have more than 70 years of experience in RV manufacturing.

Together with Wim van der Vorst (owner of Holtkamper folding trailers and of 'De Vouwwagenspecialist') we started to realize this ultimate dream.


The Dutch company Holtkamper started selling tents in 1928. The company established itself in Emmen and Bunnik and in the fifties it was expanded with folding trailers. Holtkamper is now the leading company in the field of folding trailer innovation.

In 2017, Holtkamper was acquired by the Dutch Boxtel-based folding trailer specialist ‘De Vouwwagenspecialist’. The production of the TakeOff is in safe hands at Holtkamper, made in Holland.


The inflatable Karsten tent was invented in 1981 and the new camping with a tent was a fact. Later on, Karsten also introduced so-called tunnel tents, which are very easy to set up.

“It is good to know that the flex wall and the optional X10T of the TakeOff are also made in Holland, made by Karsten.”

A Karsten tent is manufactured in their own studio in Zwaag Noord-Holland and grows with your personal camping situation thanks to the expansion possibilities. Karsten gives a 5-year guarantee on material and construction defects.


Hegge Industrial Design

Founded in 1999 by Frans Hegge, just across the Dutch border at Budel in the Flemish town of Hamont-Achel, Hegge ID is located. Hegge ID has extensive experience in the camping world with assignments for Hobby caravans, Kip caravans, Trigano and Holtkamper folding trailers, and previously also Chateau caravans, Lunar and Home Car campers.

Hegge ID logo

The working method of Hegge ID is characterised by the creation of synergy between the ideas of the customer and those of the engineers and designers of Hegge ID. By bringing the parties together in an early stage of a project, customer, designers and engineers participate in the design and in the detailed engineering. In this way, beautiful sketches and dreams are actually achievable, not an air bike ride. This is reflected in the TakeOff: beautiful, no nonsense and extremely functional. Made in Holland, with a touch of Flemish.

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