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Suitable for everyone. Also ideal for compact towing cars and electric cars.

Small on the outside

We were inspired by the ultimate challenge.

Free view to the rear, no extra door mirrors needed, no special trailer driving license.

Because of the free view to the rear in the rear view mirror, you keep full overview during your journey and reversing becomes child's play. And all this within a modern contemporary automotive design that can be personalized according to your own wishes. Once you have arrived at your destination, you make a good impression with the unique lifting mechanism: your TakeOff is ready for use in the blink of an eye, ready to enjoy!

Thanks to the lightweight concept, there is sufficient payload and the maximum weight could be kept below 750 kg. Ideal for compact towing cars or electric cars.

Design your own TakeOff

Due to its limited outer dimensions, the TakeOff can also be easily stored at home on the driveway under a tarpaulin or under a carport.

  • Sleeping comfort like at home
  • Low fuel consumption
  • No additional door mirrors required

Smart on
the inside

Come on in!

The sturdy steps integrated in the back wall allows everyone to always get in comfortably and safely. A clever invention is the energy-efficient LED license plate lighting that can also be used as entrance lighting in the evening at the campsite.

Are we cooking outside or inside today?

You choose, because the removable kitchen can easily be used outside as well. The optional coolbox indoor or outdoor? It will depend on the moment, on your holiday plan. Depending on the situation, you decide how much space you want to create indoors, simple as that.

Stel je prijs op je eigen hygiëne
tijdens een rustpauze wanneer je
op doorreis bent?

Dan is het goed te weten dat er een geïntegreerde ruimte is voor een optioneel toilet aan boord.

De ’s nachts te blinderen panoramische vensters in de goed ventilerende canvas flexwand zorgen voor het ultieme vrijheidsgevoel, ook als je binnen bent. Wordt het buiten wat koeler, dan zit, lees of eet je met elkaar aan de ruime dinette als een vorst.

  • Panoramic windows can be blinded at night
  • Well ventilated canvas flex wall

When the stars are in the sky,

laat je met enkele handelingen de tafel van de 2-persoons dinette zakken, trek je de kussens naar elkaar toe en voilà: slaap lekker!

Double bed 160 x 205 cm!

With the special cold foam sleeping mattress on the comfortable slatted base, you won't be counting sheep for long. A memory foam topper is also available.

Safe on
the road

The Al-Ko lightweight chassis with its hexagonal rubber suspension axle guarantees extremely stable and comfortable handling.

Al-Ko is market leader in caravan and motorhome chassis and is also a supplier for the car industry to, among others, Volvo, BMW en Daimler

You decide where you go with your TakeOff, it follows you naturally, anytime and anywhere.

A reassuring thought when you are travelling.

Low weight

< 750 kg.

The light-weight concept of the TakeOff with a maximum weight of 750 kg means that there is sufficient payload available. Although not required by law, the TakeOff is equipped with a comfortable overrun brake with automatic reverse drive. Unique in this weight class. Low in weight, large in driving characteristics.

No special trailer driving license required.


No special driving
license needed

Depending on the application, you can equip your TakeOff with an Al-Ko stabiliser coupling and shock absorbers. In combination with the standard generously dimensioned 14 inch steel wheels (optionally with alloy wheels) with high load index ‘heavy duty’ tyres, a tempo 100 exemption can be applied for if desired (Germany). In France it is even allowed to drive a little faster. It is nice to know that with the TakeOff this can also be done comfortably and safely due to its design, the suspension and its low weight and centre of gravity. For the TakeOff you don’t need an extra trailer driver’s license, everyone can use it right away.

LED traffic lights

The TakeOff is equipped with safe LED traffic lights and contour reflectors. So you are always seen, even at night, safety first. Due to its compact aerodynamic design, air flow and crosswind have virtually no grip on the TakeOff. With the superb aerodynamics the fuel or energy consumption is kept to a minimum, which is very pleasant! TakeOff, the new camping. Are you ready?


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