X-tra Space

Enjoying endless sultry summer nights.

X10T awning


With the specially designed and quick to set up X10T awning concept (in close cooperation with Karsten Tents) you can further extend your space.

Met het speciaal voor de TakeOff (ontworpen in nauwe samenwerking met Karsten Tenten) en snel op te zetten tent-luifel concept X10T, vergroot je verder je ruimte. Als luifel biedt de X10T je ideale beschutting en privacy om uit de wind of in de schaduw te zitten, of met de buitenkeuken het avondeten voor te bereiden. Of gewoon heerlijk te genieten van eindeloos zwoele zomeravonden.


X-tra Space

With the awning extension, which is easy to attach to the awning, the X10T transforms itself into a fully-fledged tent.

  • X10T tent awning
  • Fully-fledged tent
Karsten Tents
X10T open awning
X10T closed


We wanted to design a tent-awning concept that fits in seamlessly with the philosophy of the TakeOff: a modern contemporary design, quickly ready for use or, if desired, ready to go, on to your next destination. And options to extend to your personal situation. In the pursuit of our mission to develop 'your ultimate travel companion', have not made things easy for ourselves. The flex wall with panoramic windows between the vehicle and the roof is being put to the test. When unfolding, the flex wall has to be stretched very quickly, and when folding, it has to be folded back in neatly and in a controlled way. Time and again, for years, for many unforgettable and carefree camping adventures.

Our partner Karsten Tents is one of the few Dutch manufacturers of tents to have its own workshop where everything revolves around the best quality, customisation and personal service.

Karsten makes use of the best materials (Ten Cate tent cloth and YKK zippers), all parts of the tent (and the canvas flex wall) are also extensively tested before they get the green light. Top quality, made in Holland!

Loading space

In the bunk seats, under the slatted frame of the kingsize bed and in the gas bottle compartment, you have plenty of loading space at your disposal. The long aisle and the rear entrance make it possible to transport long items or, for example, place plastic crates for extra luggage.

During the journey, camping furniture can also be transported on the bed. Thanks to the TakeOff's design, the centre of gravity of the load always remains low, safety first.

Option list

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