Our concept

Easy Caravanning, the new camping, chasing your dreams of freedom.

Free as
a bird

Go wherever you want. Over and over again. Break free for the weekend, or discover your favourite holiday destination? "Shall we stay, or move on?"

It's up to you, because with the TakeOff it's all possible. Everything you need, always available, every moment.

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Our mission

The TakeOff is a new and unique innovation in the world of camping. The design is a cross-over of a traditional touring caravan and a folding trailer, the best of both worlds.

Ready to Go? Ready to Camp? TakeOff!

Ready for a coffee break when traveling?

No problem, the TakeOff quickly turns out to be your own "coffee corner", fully equipped. Comfortable during the trip and comfortable on arrival.

And all this for a (also very comfortable) very attractive price. No concessions, ready in a jiffy.


Take off the roof

With the TakeOff, the roof literally goes off during your holiday!

Small on the outside during your trip but big on the inside if possible. Unlock at the back, just a little push and then ….. WHOOSHH!

The TakeOff is automatically unveiled, with just a few small actions within 30 seconds completely ready for use.

Ready to Camp within 30 seconds

Co-campers will be jealous of this unprecedented ease of set-up. Whether it's for a coffee break during a stopover or at the campsite. You decide. TakeOff.


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your TakeOff

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