And the winner is …….. TakeOff Easy Caravanning!


On Wednesday evening, 4 October 2023, the annual Camping Industry Sustainability Congress took place at the Camping & Caravan Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. At the end of the evening, the three award winners were announced in the categories most sustainable innovation concept, most sustainable camping site and most sustainable camping equipment. A few weeks ago, partly thanks to your vote in the preliminary round, we were nominated for the ‘Most Sustainable Camping Device’ category. A professional jury of ANWB, Hiswa-Recron, Bovag, NKC, KCI and Jaarbeurs had the final say and elected this year’s TakeOff by Easy Caravanning as the overall winner. How proud we are, huge thanks for your support!

TakeOff Easy Caravanning winner Sustainable Camping Awards 2023 in category Most Sustainable Camping Vehicle.

The expert jury about the TakeOff:

“The next generation of caravanning”, that is what the TakeOff certainly is. This entry immediately stood out in the ‘Most Sustainable Camping Device’ category. With a beautiful and light design, this is a solution for the electric driver, also in the future. This makes sustainable camping accessible to even more holidaymakers. The product is practical, feasible and and highly innovative. It is, therefore, a well-deserved winner!


‘A great crowning achievement, we are immensely proud! More and more owners of electric and small compact cars are starting to see the advantages of our products. Winning this award is a great encouragement for us to further expand our product programme in the future,’ said Maarten de Roos of Easy Caravanning. ‘To be honest, the transition of the European car fleet is not going fast enough for us yet. Many countries should take an example from Norway, where the government continues to encourage electric driving unchanged. In the Netherlands we are not doing badly either, but continued subsidies and further development of the charging infrastructure are important to continue the rapid growth of recent years. Across Europe, only 1% of the total fleet is still a fully electric car. So there, we still have a long way to go and quite often feel we are ahead of the music. In any case, with the TakeOff we are doing our bit to further reduce the CO2 footprint of holidaymakers with a camping vehicle on the towbar and show that electric driving and camping can indeed go hand in hand.’


Also proud is Marc Takken, director-owner of Karsten Tents. ‘We couldn’t have wished for a more worthy successor. Last year, we won the award for most sustainable and innovative camping product with our Karsten Blue Line Tent – made from recycled jeans. Now that Easy Caravanning has won, this year’s prize will also stay a bit in-house as we supply the intermediate canvas, organisers and the accompanying tent awning for the TakeOff. We are very happy for Easy Caravanning and still proud that we also contributed to the product development of the TakeOff.’

Last year’s award winner: circular Blue Line tent by Karsten. 640 million jeans are thrown away every year in Europe.

Last summer, ANWB, in collaboration with Hyundai Netherlands and Easy Caravanning, conducted a practical test with a TakeOff on the hook of a Hyundai Ioniq 5. This involved covering a distance of 550 km and driving a second the same car solo. During this comparison test, an additional consumption of just 25.7% was measured; with a traditional touring caravan, such a result is unthinkable. The TakeOff has a low net weight and almost completely disappears behind the frontal surface of the towing vehicle.

You can find us this week until Sunday 8 October at the Camping & Caravan Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, both in hall 10 stand number B033 at Karsten and on the ‘Camping of the Future’ square in hall 11.

There is already a TakeOff from € 17,995,-* with our product configurator you can easily put together your own TakeOff at home:

* please note: the new prices for model year 2024 will be implemented in mid-October. In other words: if you are considering buying a TakeOff, you can still buy a 2024 model now at the old 2023 price. Depending on the model, this advantage can quickly amount to € 1,000 to € 1,500, a nice bonus for quick decision-makers!

The next generation of caravanning’ can be viewed at one of our dealers besides at the Camping & Caravan Jaarbeurs, for dealer addresses (and availability of show models) go to

* In header photo: Left: Jacco Vonhof, president MKB-Nederland and right: Maarten de Roos, co-owner and founder Easy Caravanning. Photo: ©Photostudio7

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