TakeOff 2021 model delivery started


The delivery of the 2021 models of the TakeOff has started. From the new production location, the first models rolled off the assembly line in recent weeks. Shortly after, these were delivered via the dealer to the proud owners.

Production will continue in the coming months. There are still a few production places left in the so-called ‘second edition’ series that will be built up to the summer holiday closing. Would you like to take your own TakeOff on the road before the summer holidays? Then come to one of our dealers (by appointment only) and be surprised by the ease of set-up of our crossover camping concept.

For dealer addresses, prices and opening hours, please click here. Please note that as per the 1st of May there will be a general price increase due to price increases of raw materials and parts.

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Production of TakeOff model 2021 started at new production facilities


Responding to the growing interest from home and abroad, we moved our assembly to a larger location in January. In addition to a larger production hall, here we have access to offices, storage space and an outdoor area of 1,100 m2, which facilitates the logistics of the entire production of the TakeOff. In February, the assembly process was carefully set up at the various workstations of the production line, and we recently started building the 2021 models.

It was originally planned to start production several weeks ago. However, due to corona in recent months delivery times in the global industry have increased significantly. As a consequence, there has been disruption to the supply chain of the camping industry as well. Not only because of the pandemic but also because of the increased demand for mobile recreational vehicles: many people are looking for alternative ways to spend their holidays and therefore camping is more popular than ever.

As a start-up manufacturer, we currently take into account a delivery time of only 2.5 – 3 months, something that is virtually unthinkable for many major players in our industry. In addition, there are still a few free production positions in our assembly planning until mid-July. Are you considering the purchase of a TakeOff and would you like to be on the road this year? Then come to one of our dealers (by appointment only) and be surprised by the ease of set-up of our crossover camping concept. For dealer addresses and opening hours, please visit The TakeOff available from € 13.895,-

TakeOff two times 1st place!!


At the beginning of January, we were proud to announce that we were nominated in no less than 3 categories for the prestigious European Innovation Award for the recreational vehicle industry. Recently, we have been informed that Easy Caravanning with the new camping concept TakeOff has won two 1st prices (!) as most innovative start-up and as absolute favourite among an extensive team of bloggers in the camping industry. The award ceremony, by an international jury of European RV experts, took place on Friday 5 February via a live video stream (Watch the video).

A beautiful crowning achievement of our work’, says Maarten de Roos, co-owner and founder of Easy Caravanning. We are convinced that this award will help us to spread our wings further in Europe. Besides the Netherlands, Germany and Norway, we are now taking steps to the United Kingdom. Gradually we will expand our European distribution, making sure that growth is always supported by a solid dealer network that can provide professional advice and service’.


There is already a TakeOff from € 13,895. For the various versions, options and accessories, see our product configurator.

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TakeOff nominated for European Innovation Award 2021


First of all, Easy Caravanning wishes you a very healthy, prosperous and happy New Year. We can hardly wait to go camping in spring, let’s hope that the current corona measures will soon have their impact.

We start 2021 with very good news! As a small start-up manufacturer, we are very proud to have been nominated for the European Innovation Award for the caravan industry with our new camping concept TakeOff. And that in no less than three different categories:

  • Bloggers favourite
  • Overall concept touring caravans
  • Innovative Start-up

‘It is great that with the TakeOff we are in the above categories between established brands such as Tabbert, Alko and Weinsberg. We see this nomination as an extra incentive to further expand our European distribution network this year and come up with new product innovations in the future’, says Maarten de Roos, co-owner and founder of Easy Caravanning.

Of course we will keep you informed about the results of this election, which is chaired by European experts from the entire recreational vehicle industry.


There is already a TakeOff from € 13.895,-. For the different versions, options and accessories, check out our product configurator.

👉 Our product configurator


Are you ready for 2021? Let’s TakeOff, happy holidays! 






We are going to move!


As a start-up manufacturer in the world of recreational vehicles, we are looking back on a turbulent but above all successful year. At the start of production in early 2020, due to the outbreak of the corona virus in Europe, we experienced many delays in the supply of materials and parts. As a result, the delivery of the first TakeOff’s was unfortunately delayed by several months. But after that, the First Edition series of the TakeOff was sold out within a short period of time. Our new ‘ready to go’ camping concept was very well received by the proud owners of the first hour. Luckily they were ‘ready to go’ from the end of June to go on holiday with the TakeOff.

In the Netherlands, the concept of the TakeOff is particularly appreciated by adventurous campers who want to move on easily and quickly to the next destination. In addition to the interest at home, there is also a lot of interest from abroad, both within and outside Europe. For example, the TakeOff is very much appreciated by our eastern neighbours, in the meantime the dealer network in Germany is growing steadily and we are working on further expansion. In Norway, the electrification of the vehicle fleet is going very fast: in 2025, no new passenger car may be sold there with an internal combustion engine. This is one of the reasons why the search for alternatives to traditional (not very aerodynamic and often heavy) touring caravans and motorhomes (with diesel engines) has accelerated. As a small start-up company, we have chosen to expand our European distribution systematically and step by step. We find it very important to be able to provide our customers with good service at all times in every country where we are represented, customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Due to the success of the past year, our order book for next year and the further expected growth, our current assembly hall has become too small. That is why we will move in January to a larger assembly hall where we will set up a production line that can handle more capacity. At this location we will also have access to a large outdoor area for loading and unloading.



We will keep you informed of further developments. We would also like to draw your attention to this:

The TakeOff test of the German magazine ‘Der Spiegel’

Other videos on our website

Our product configurator



TakeOff 2021: main product changes


TakeOff 2021: main product changes

Following the sales success of the First Edition series earlier this year, we are preparing to manufacture the 2021 models. The assembly line at the Emmen plant is being scaled up for further expansion in Europe. In addition, a number of product changes are planned for 2021. Here are the most important changes:

  • In response to the irreversible trend towards electrification, the TakeOff will from now on be fully electrified as standard. The 2021 versions of the Sport and Xcite will include an attractive “2-zone” induction cooktop with adjustable temperature and power levels. In spring and autumn, the TakeOff will make you feel comfortable in no time with the optional high-quality and very low-noise ceramic heating from the Swiss manufacturer Ecomat. Just like the cooker, this handy portable heater can be set to different power levels. Meanwhile, Easy Caravanning is also working hard on an integrated lightweight solar system with charge controller and on-board battery. This system, which allows autonomous camping, is expected to be available as a factory option in the second half of 2021. Anyone who still wants to cook on gas (and, if desired, also wants to be able to use an absorption cool box on gas) has the option of having a gas installation fitted.
  • The use of the induction hob mentioned above has made the removable kitchen of the 2021 models more compact and lighter. Weight and making the most efficient use of the available space continuously play a very important role in product development. Therefore the TakeOff 2021 is now equipped with a foldable lightweight sink, and a foldable jerrycan which can be used both indoors and outdoors. The handy wireless kitchen water tap is also easy to take outside and can even serve as an outdoor shower, flexibility at your service.
  • With the furniture tops hinged upwards on both sides, extra storage space can be created as required. This clever construction automatically creates a splash screen on the left side when cooking inside and the coolbox, which is located on the right-hand side of the cabinet, can easily be taken out for outdoor use.
TakeOff te zien bij de Tentrailercenters
TakeOff at our Dutch Tentrailercenters

Distribution partners are installing

Prices for the 2021 models are € 13.895,- for the TakeOff Active, € 16.295,- for the TakeOff Sport and € 19.595,- for the very complete top model TakeOff Xcite. Note: indicated prices are Dutch consumer prices including 21% VAT ex works. We are currently working hard to extend our European distribution network, but caused by the current travel restrictions this will take a little longer. As soon as new distribution partners are installed, this will be posted on our website.







TakeOff ‘First Edition’ at the dealers!


TakeOff ‘First Edition’ at the dealers!

In Emmen in the Netherlands, the production of the first series of ‘First Edition’ TakeOff’s is in full swing. Due to the enormous success, the First Edition is now sold out. After production of the First Edition, the assembly line will be scaled up to meet demand from home and abroad. The next series will therefore be available from springtime 2021. Coming months the European distribution will be further expanded.


Check out the editions


This week, the first TakeOff’s were proudly transported to the dealer for customer delivery. After a final check, the brand new owners can come and pick up their TakeOff: they are ready for TakeOff!










Production TakeOff ‘First Edition’ in full swing


Only a few copies left! 

It has taken a long time, but the production of the first series of TakeOff’s in our assembly hall in Emmen in the Netherlands started a few weeks ago. As a result of the Corona situation, we have unfortunately experienced considerable delays in the supply of materials and parts. The first deliveries to the proud owners of the TakeOff in the Netherlands and Germany will take place in July and August.

Things are also starting to get busier at the dealers (of course we strictly apply the prescribed government measures regarding COVID 19). The TakeOff has been so well received by the market that the First Edition series has sold out except for a few copies. Besides Holland and Germany, we are currently in the process of further developing the European distribution network. There are plans for local distribution development in Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, France, Slovenia, Italy, and of course amongst others Great Britain. Please keep an eye on our website for future European distribution partners.

In view of the sales success of the TakeOff in the first months and the expected growth in Europe, we will continue to scale up our assembly line in Emmen after completion of the production of the First Edition series. In order to be able to respond properly to market demand, new deliveries will be made from the end of 2020 – beginning of 2021.

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Suddenly everything changed….


 Do you support us?

You’ll have noticed it’s been quiet around the TakeOff for a while. Normally the first TakeOff’s had already been delivered to their proud new owners, but at the beginning of March everything suddenly changed. Where normally many campers would have (been) already on spring holiday, we are struggling worldwide with a new virus to which medical science has no answer at this moment. The result is a pandemic in which unfortunately many deaths and personal tragedies are to be regretted.

In order to slow down the spread of the coronavirus, governments have taken far-reaching measures. Many land borders are closed, or can only be crossed for good reason, making it suddenly no longer a matter of course for campers to travel freely through Europe. The ‘new normal’ of the 1.5-metre distance economy and social distancing has ensured, among other things, that this spring campsites have remained empty and many people are confined to their homes. Compared to the suffering of the victims and their families, this is neglectable, but of course we all imagined things very differently.


The impact of the coronavirus on the recreational sector is enormous. Not only campsites and camping shops remain empty, but also the brand dealers of mobile camping equipment have reduced their activity to a minimum. And this while it should be very busy at this time of year. Let’s hope that a later start of the camping season will be possible in summer or late summer, but 2020 will also be a year that we would like to forget as soon as possible in economic terms.


Also for Easy Caravanning, as a new innovative player in the manufacturing industry of mobile recreation, the impact is well felt. The supply of various parts and materials from abroad came to a standstill in the recent period because not only borders but also companies were closed. In our own country too, the manufacture of for example the interior has been considerably delayed because our supply partner had to close down its business. Buyers of the first hour have now been informed about the delayed delivery of their TakeOff.


At the end of last year, under the umbrella organisation Campfire Group (, we very consciously entered into a partnership with Holtkamper tent trailers with a view to the future. For a stand-alone startup it was financially vital, after a few years of substantial investments, that the first income from deliveries had now been received. Not knowing what awaited us at the beginning of this year, we are now very  happy with our alliance. After all, nobody would have thought this situation to be possible.


Nevertheless, we are very positive for the future. Camping is a form of holiday spending where you can safely grab your freedom wherever and whenever you want. You decide for yourself which locations you go to and you are your own director of your holiday plan which you can adjust during the trip if you wish. When camping, you only have people in your immediate vicinity who you know well. Hustle and bustle can be avoided so you don’t have to be constantly busy keeping a safe distance.


We appreciate the fact that you signed up earlier to be kept informed about the new TakeOff camping concept. Even in these unreal times, you can easily continue to support us. Please take a moment for our completely renewed productconfigurator and sign up for a no-obligation appointment. But of course you can also give us a call. We will make sure that you will soon be able to discover the TakeOff in person at one of our three tent trailer centers ( And you will be ready for departure when the camping season starts again. TakeOff: your fastest check-in for a carefree holiday, are you ready?

Planning a PERSONAL APPOINTMENT? Let us know!

+31 (0)411 68 36 01  (Boxtel)

+31(0)591 66 89 66  (Utrecht / Emmen)



Stay brave, stay healthy and we hope to welcome you soon at one of our three tent trailer centers.



On behalf of the Easy Caravanning team,

Maarten de Roos




Behind the scenes: Karsten Tents


Behind the scenes:
Karsten Tents

In Emmen we are busy with all preparations for the production start-up of the TakeOff. The production of the showroom models is progressing steadily, mid March we will start with the assembly of the ‘First Edition’ models. By the end of March the TakeOff will be on display at the festive opening of our three tent trailer centers in Boxtel, Utrecht and Emmen in The Netherlands and at our German dealers in Karlsruhe and Bottrop. Further extension of the European distribution network is in progress.

After the successful introduction of the prototypes at the Dutch Camping & Caravanning fair in Utrecht in October last year, we have kept you informed in the ‘In the spotlight’ section in recent months about what will change in the production version of the TakeOff. You can read this again under the news items on our website.

In the new section ‘Behind the scenes’ we give you a look behind the scenes of Easy Caravanning and the realisation of the TakeOff. This week we will tell you a bit more about our Dutch partner Karsten Tents.

The two frame techniques used by Karsten combined in 1 product: on the right the inflatable basic tent with air hoses, on the left the attachable tunnel tent with a specially made bow frame.


It all started for Karsten in 1981 at the Camping & Caravan RAI and an excellent test in a camping magazine. The unique inflatable frame revolutionised the industry. After that, a lot of special Karsten tents were made, and not only for camping enthusiasts. The Red Cross and the army, for example, also knew how to appreciate Karsten tents. Karsten also makes professional work tents for the construction industry, see also:



A Karsten Tent is an established name in the camping world, it is not for nothing that we enlisted the help of Karsten for the development of the TakeOff. Both the canvas flex wall of the TakeOff and the special X10T awning combination were developed in close cooperation with Karsten. It is quite special that this is a quality product ‘made in Holland’, making these tents is still craftsmanship. By now, Karsten Tents is one of the few remaining tent manufacturers in the Netherlands. And since most products nowadays have a ‘Made in China’ label, that is also the strength of the company. In this way Karsten keeps control of the quality and is able to respond flexibly and quickly. All parts and materials are tested in-house.

The X10T awning can be easily erected and extended into a tent thanks to the 1-fold custom-made arched frame. With the connectable sleep-tunnel tent, an additional 2-person sleeping area can quickly be created which can be accessed from the inside. Easy with young children: everyone has their own privacy but can still be reached directly without having to go outside at night.



The X10T is a ‘pole tent’ but with the quality and set-up speed you are used to from Karsten. The awning tent has only 1 custom-made arch, that’s all. Just like all other awnings from Karsten, 100% cotton Ten Cate tent fabric is used for an optimal living climate and fit in all weathers.