Karsten Tents and Easy Caravanning take the next step in strategic cooperation


Luxury camping, but always with the smell and experience of cotton tent cloth

Last year, Karsten Tenten and Easy Caravanning were seen several times at a joint stand at camping and leisure exhibitions. Now both Dutch companies are taking the next strategic step by further uniting forces.

‘Since the founding of Easy Caravanning and the introduction of the crossover camping concept TakeOff, we have been producing the canvas flexwall (between trailer and lifting roof) and we have jointly developed the matching modular awning. At Karsten we immediately believed in the TakeOff. Unlike traditional touring caravans, the tent canvas makes you much more one with nature. And that’s what we love. That is why we immediately got on board during the product development in 2019,” says Marc Takken, director-owner of Karsten Tenten Zwaag in the Netherlands. Takken continues: ‘At Karsten, our business model was until recently based on 2 pillars: camping tents (under the name Karsten Tenten) and work tents (under the name Tent World Unlimited). In terms of seasonal patterns, these two product lines complement each other well. But we had actually been looking for a 3rd pillar for a number of years that would allow us to permanently engage older tent campers and tent campers who are looking for even more luxury, comfort and facilities. The Easy Caravanning product portfolio is the perfect addition to this. When we were given the opportunity to become part of this innovative Dutch manufacturer, we didn’t hesitate for a moment. Especially because the collaboration over the past 5 years has been very pleasant. We really click with each other – we speak the same no-nonsense language – and that is more important than anything else.’

Top: Marc Takken of Karsten Tenten, the tent workshop and showroom in Zwaag, bottom: Maarten de Roos of Easy Caravanning and the factory location in Emmen

Maarten de Roos, founder and director-co-owner of Easy Caravanning adds: ‘We are very pleased with the collaboration with Karsten and their commitment, which has now been reinforced by further expanding Easy Caravanning together with us. We are both committed to sustainability. Not entirely coincidentally, Karsten won the ‘Most Sustainable Camping Equipment 2022′ award and we – with the TakeOff – which, among other things, responds to the trend of electrification of the vehicle fleet, a year later. We really complement each other. Our products are characterized by their small dimensions, low weight and aerodynamic characteristics, which makes them the ideal camping equipment for owners of electric cars, hybrid cars and cars with small fuel-saving combustion engines. Once at their destination, we want our customers to have everything they need. Lift-slide solutions and cleverly and easily creating extra space with tent canvas is the key. We cannot imagine a better business partner for this than Karsten. In the near future, we will work hand in hand to develop new – made in Holland – camping concepts that focus on sustainability, luxury, but also the real outdoor living feeling through the use of cotton tent cloth.’

The strategic collaboration between Karsten Tenten and Easy Caravanning will be strengthened by the addition ‘powered by Karsten’ under the Easy Caravanning logo.

Karsten Travelstore Zwaag is also main dealer of Easy Caravanning. Here you will find the sewing workshop where all tents (including the famous inflatable tents) are made and a showroom with a shop of no less than 4,500 m2 full of camping and leisure items.

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