Are you all set for the new camping season? Do the check!


At the beginning of April, around Easter, the camping season starts for most people and campsites open their gates again. And this tradition makes sense, because let’s face it: after such a long, wet winter, who doesn’t feel like going out and enjoying spring in all its beauty in the great outdoors? Use our checklist to make sure you’re ready for carefree travelling, are you ready for TakeOff?

Checklist for the start of the camping season

  • Have you had the annual check-up service carried out by the dealer? The points to be checked on the TakeOff are listed in the owner’s manual;
  • Before you leave, set up the TakeOff at home, connect it to the mains and check that everything still works;
  • Check that everything is still complete. Think of pegs for different types of camping sites, guy ropes and, for example, the drawstring elastics for the canvas flexwall. Have you stored or used certain items at home during winter storage? Then don’t forget to put them back in the TakeOff;
  • Check that all zips in the tent and the canvas flexwall still work properly and that you have sufficient tent elastics with you;
  • Check whether there is still enough gas in the gas bottle (you can also weigh it, the empty weight is indicated on the gas bottle) and check the condition of the gas hose;
  • Check the operation of the water system and clean it if necessary;
  • Do you have all the keys with you? Also consider keys to the bike rack and towbar lock;
  • Is your insurance still up to date?
  • It is always handy to take some small tools and repair materials with you for unexpected situations. Sometimes you can also help other campers with these;
  • Make yourself a personal camping checklist that you go through at the start of each camping season, which is very convenient.

Your own TakeOff before this summer? It can be done!

Are you an adventurous camper and considering buying the TakeOff? Then visit one of our dealers soon. Right now, the TakeOff 2024 show models are being delivered to our dealers, but they are not yet at all sales locations. For availability of 2024 show models, please call the relevant dealer near you first, just to be sure. At our factory location in Emmen the Netherlands, you can experience not only the 2024 models but also the assembly process by appointment. We are proud of our innovative Dutch-made camping concept and would be happy to tell you all about it.

Would you like to be able to go out in the new 2024 camping season with your favourite TakeOff? Then don’t wait too long because due to the great interest and our, as a small manufacturer, limited production capacity, the delivery time is currently 2nd half of May.

There is already a TakeOff from € 18,995. With our product configurator you can easily put together your own TakeOff at home.

Useful if, for example, you want to get a first impression at home of which version and interior will suit you best: For dealer addresses, go to

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