Everyone’s own TakeOff: as many as 11 fabric designs for TakeOff 2024!


With three different equipment levels and the extensive list of options and accessories ex-works, you can customise your TakeOff according to your personal wishes. Furthermore, for the interior upholstery, there was already ample choice from 6 different upholstery options, now 5 additional designs are being added for 2024! With the handy product configurator on our website, you can see in an instant what this does to the atmosphere of your own TakeOff, fun to try out at home.

Back on the scene

By special request, we have decided to bring back 2 lined fabrics from the very beginning (when the TakeOff was introduced at the end of 2019). The show models we used at the time at the Camping & Caravan Jaarbeurs at the market launch were equipped with the playful Fantasia pattern and the sparkling Arancio. With these, you really make a statement with your TakeOff. But what about the added (and very popular) blue Oceano microfibre upholstery a few months ago? The Oliva and Spiaggia designs are also very popular. Or do you prefer Azzuro or Taupe? It’s up to you because there is no arguing for taste, it’s your call. Are you ready for TakeOff?

Evergreen Arancio’, back on the scene

At the moment, the TakeOff 2024 can only be seen at our factory location in Emmen, the Netherlands. Early next year, the 2024 show models will be at the dealer. For availability of show models, always check the dealer page of the website first or call the relevant dealer. Do you want to be sure to be able to go out in the new 2024 camping season with your favourite TakeOff? Then don’t wait too long because due to the great interest and our, as a small manufacturer, limited production capacity, the delivery time is currently April 2024. There is already a TakeOff from € 18.995,-. With our product configurator, you can easily put together your own TakeOff at home. Useful if, for example, you want to get a first impression at home of which version and interior would suit you best:

For dealer addresses (and availability of show models), go to

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