10 reasons why TakeOff is good alternative to a campervan


We are noticing more and more interest from people who were actually looking for a compact campervan. Like a campervan, the TakeOff is a real ‘holiday hopper’, many of our customers use it in a similar way.

Here are 10 reasons why the TakeOff is a good alternative to a campervan:

1. Like a campervan, the TakeOff is a real ‘holiday hopper’.
2. Once on location, the TakeOff still gives you access to your own car without having to break up ‘camp’ immediately.
3. When you want to enter a city centre, there are no emission-related access restrictions for you, something that becomes increasingly difficult with a campervan.
4. At the campsite, you simply stand among the tents and caravans, these pitches are significantly larger than so-called motorhome sites.
5. Unlike a campervan, you pay no road tax.
6. Because the TakeOff has no engine and a much simpler chassis, maintenance costs are much lower.
7. Thanks to the speed and ease of unfolding and folding, you have access to all facilities on the road, just like with a motorhome.
8. Although the TakeOff is small on the outside, it is surprisingly spacious on the inside: at the show we again received many positively surprised reactions.
9. The TakeOff is very easy to store, fitting easily into a garage or under a carport, for example.
10. And last but not least: the purchase price is of course much friendlier than for a campervan. Are you ready for TakeOff?

The TakeOff is available from € 18.995,-. With our product configurator you can easily put together your own TakeOff at home:

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