Behind the scenes: an interior that appeals to everyone?


Behind the scenes: how to realise an interior that appeals to everyone?

In Emmen in the Netherlands we are busy with preparing ourselves for the production start of the TakeOff. By the end of February we will start assembling the ‘First Edition’ models.

After the successful introduction of the prototypes at the Dutch Camping & Caravan Fair in October last year in Utrecht, we have kept you informed of what is going to change in the production version of the TakeOff. You can read this again under the news items on our website.

In ‘Behind the scenes’ we give you a look behind the scenes of Easy Caravanning and the realisation of the TakeOff. This week we will tell you a bit more about the accomplishment of the interior design.

“We had the ultimate goal to create a design that can be adapted to the personal wishes of every camper, both on the outside and inside. As far as the interior design is concerned, we started, in close cooperation with Hegge Industrial Design, to make so-called mood boards. The mood boards gave us the overall direction for the atmosphere we wanted to create with the interior. On the basis of the interior atmosphere images, we then selected the decors for the furniture body, the cabinet and drawer fronts, and the furniture tops for the table and kitchen, among other things.”

“Armed with the mood boards and decor samples, we travelled to Capiro Textiles in Belgium, the leading manufacturer of upholstery fabrics for the recreational vehicle leisure industry. By mixing and matching with the mood boards and furniture decor samples, 4 fabric designs were selected in the showroom of Capiro in Deerlijk (located nearby their own weaving shops). Almost all of them can be combined with each other. In theory, with the further choice of cabinet doors and furniture tops, more than 60 different interiors can be created. But perhaps we should just say: there are 64 different interior atmospheres possible, because after all, there is no arguing about taste?”

A small selection from the many interior options for the TakeOff: you choose!




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