We welcome our new distribution partners in Iceland and Germany!


Easy Caravanning’s European network of distribution partners continues to grow. We are very proud to announce that we are now also represented in Iceland through our new business partner Highland Trucks, also manufacturer of the FIS Camper concept developed especially for Iceland.

But also in Germany, our dealer network has been further expanded with two new enthusiastic partners focusing entirely on the growing tent trailer market: Falt Camp Center Niederzissen and MBS Caravan in Büren.

Highland Trucks & FIS Camper, Iceland

Highland Trucks – FIS Camper is located on the east side of Reykjavik, The company specialises in adapting off-road vehicles for the real rough work which is no luxury in winter and when going off-road in Iceland. They also manufacture a special camper body for pick-up trucks that can withstand every conceivable weather condition. At the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, we were introduced to Highland Trucks who were immediately impressed by the build quality and concept of the TakeOff. They have since embraced the product as an addition to their camping programme. After all, Iceland is very easy and comfortable to explore during the summer period via the ring road No 1 that takes you past lots of breathtaking sights, highly recommended! Below is a small impression:

Camping tip: Exploring Iceland in summer with the TakeOff via Ring Road No. 1

Wohnmobile Von Campern für Camper Höchstadt an der Aisch – Germany

North of Nuremberg in northern Bavaria lies the Franconia region. Höchstadt an der Aisch is located in this well-known wine-growing region. This is the home of the VCFC GmbH company, run by the Renger family and Kai Weber. They are all passionate campers, hence the name VCFC (Of campers for campers). Customer satisfaction is paramount.The company focuses on the rental, sale, installation of technical accessories, maintenance and repair of motorhomes. The TakeOff fits very well with the type of camper VCFC is aiming at: being mobile and flexible, quick to get up and quick to leave again to travel around without hassle and with maximum freedom. See also
TakeOff Xcite 2023 im Ausstellungsraum VCFC Höchstadt a.d. Aisch

Falt Camp Centre Niederzissen – Germany

Far right FCC’s Stefanie Koch, far left Maarten de Roos (EC) View of part of FCC Niederzissen’s completely new showroom

Located near Koblenz and close to Bonn and Cologne, Stefanie Koch’s Falt Camp Center Niederzissen will open its doors at the beginning of April. Our cooperation at the new location was recently concluded. In addition to Easy Caravanning, Falt Camp Center Niederzissen will also become a dealer of our sister brand Holtkamper, among others. The show models are currently being installed in the spacious showroom of about 500 m2. See also

MBS Caravan Büren – Germany

Matthias Schäfer of MBS Caravan Büren

Near Bielefeld, Paderborn and Dortmund lies the German town of Büren, where MBS Caravan has recently set up its showroom. Founder-owner Matthias Schäfer has camping in his blood, already in the early 70s Matthias was travelling with his parents by tent. In the 1980s, his parents’ tent gave way to a folding trailer and Matthias’ love for this form of camping has always remained with him. He is interested in new models and simple folding mechanisms. Now he has taken the step of making his hobby his job too, so he can advise campers to the best of his ability. See also 


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