We are going to move!


As a start-up manufacturer in the world of recreational vehicles, we are looking back on a turbulent but above all successful year. At the start of production in early 2020, due to the outbreak of the corona virus in Europe, we experienced many delays in the supply of materials and parts. As a result, the delivery of the first TakeOff’s was unfortunately delayed by several months. But after that, the First Edition series of the TakeOff was sold out within a short period of time. Our new ‘ready to go’ camping concept was very well received by the proud owners of the first hour. Luckily they were ‘ready to go’ from the end of June to go on holiday with the TakeOff.

In the Netherlands, the concept of the TakeOff is particularly appreciated by adventurous campers who want to move on easily and quickly to the next destination. In addition to the interest at home, there is also a lot of interest from abroad, both within and outside Europe. For example, the TakeOff is very much appreciated by our eastern neighbours, in the meantime the dealer network in Germany is growing steadily and we are working on further expansion. In Norway, the electrification of the vehicle fleet is going very fast: in 2025, no new passenger car may be sold there with an internal combustion engine. This is one of the reasons why the search for alternatives to traditional (not very aerodynamic and often heavy) touring caravans and motorhomes (with diesel engines) has accelerated. As a small start-up company, we have chosen to expand our European distribution systematically and step by step. We find it very important to be able to provide our customers with good service at all times in every country where we are represented, customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Due to the success of the past year, our order book for next year and the further expected growth, our current assembly hall has become too small. That is why we will move in January to a larger assembly hall where we will set up a production line that can handle more capacity. At this location we will also have access to a large outdoor area for loading and unloading.



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