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You’ll have noticed it’s been quiet around the TakeOff for a while. Normally the first TakeOff’s had already been delivered to their proud new owners, but at the beginning of March everything suddenly changed. Where normally many campers would have (been) already on spring holiday, we are struggling worldwide with a new virus to which medical science has no answer at this moment. The result is a pandemic in which unfortunately many deaths and personal tragedies are to be regretted.

In order to slow down the spread of the coronavirus, governments have taken far-reaching measures. Many land borders are closed, or can only be crossed for good reason, making it suddenly no longer a matter of course for campers to travel freely through Europe. The ‘new normal’ of the 1.5-metre distance economy and social distancing has ensured, among other things, that this spring campsites have remained empty and many people are confined to their homes. Compared to the suffering of the victims and their families, this is neglectable, but of course we all imagined things very differently.


The impact of the coronavirus on the recreational sector is enormous. Not only campsites and camping shops remain empty, but also the brand dealers of mobile camping equipment have reduced their activity to a minimum. And this while it should be very busy at this time of year. Let’s hope that a later start of the camping season will be possible in summer or late summer, but 2020 will also be a year that we would like to forget as soon as possible in economic terms.


Also for Easy Caravanning, as a new innovative player in the manufacturing industry of mobile recreation, the impact is well felt. The supply of various parts and materials from abroad came to a standstill in the recent period because not only borders but also companies were closed. In our own country too, the manufacture of for example the interior has been considerably delayed because our supply partner had to close down its business. Buyers of the first hour have now been informed about the delayed delivery of their TakeOff.


At the end of last year, under the umbrella organisation Campfire Group (, we very consciously entered into a partnership with Holtkamper tent trailers with a view to the future. For a stand-alone startup it was financially vital, after a few years of substantial investments, that the first income from deliveries had now been received. Not knowing what awaited us at the beginning of this year, we are now very  happy with our alliance. After all, nobody would have thought this situation to be possible.


Nevertheless, we are very positive for the future. Camping is a form of holiday spending where you can safely grab your freedom wherever and whenever you want. You decide for yourself which locations you go to and you are your own director of your holiday plan which you can adjust during the trip if you wish. When camping, you only have people in your immediate vicinity who you know well. Hustle and bustle can be avoided so you don’t have to be constantly busy keeping a safe distance.


We appreciate the fact that you signed up earlier to be kept informed about the new TakeOff camping concept. Even in these unreal times, you can easily continue to support us. Please take a moment for our completely renewed productconfigurator and sign up for a no-obligation appointment. But of course you can also give us a call. We will make sure that you will soon be able to discover the TakeOff in person at one of our three tent trailer centers ( And you will be ready for departure when the camping season starts again. TakeOff: your fastest check-in for a carefree holiday, are you ready?

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Stay brave, stay healthy and we hope to welcome you soon at one of our three tent trailer centers.



On behalf of the Easy Caravanning team,

Maarten de Roos




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