Production of TakeOff model 2021 started at new production facilities


Responding to the growing interest from home and abroad, we moved our assembly to a larger location in January. In addition to a larger production hall, here we have access to offices, storage space and an outdoor area of 1,100 m2, which facilitates the logistics of the entire production of the TakeOff. In February, the assembly process was carefully set up at the various workstations of the production line, and we recently started building the 2021 models.

It was originally planned to start production several weeks ago. However, due to corona in recent months delivery times in the global industry have increased significantly. As a consequence, there has been disruption to the supply chain of the camping industry as well. Not only because of the pandemic but also because of the increased demand for mobile recreational vehicles: many people are looking for alternative ways to spend their holidays and therefore camping is more popular than ever.

As a start-up manufacturer, we currently take into account a delivery time of only 2.5 – 3 months, something that is virtually unthinkable for many major players in our industry. In addition, there are still a few free production positions in our assembly planning until mid-July. Are you considering the purchase of a TakeOff and would you like to be on the road this year? Then come to one of our dealers (by appointment only) and be surprised by the ease of set-up of our crossover camping concept. For dealer addresses and opening hours, please visit The TakeOff available from € 13.895,-

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