Behind the scenes: preparation production First Edition


Behind the scenes: preparation production First Edition

In Emmen in the Netherlands we are busy with preparing ourselves for the production start of the TakeOff. By the end of February, we will start assembling the ‘First Edition’ models.

After the successful introduction of the prototypes at the Dutch Camping & Caravan Fair in October last year in Utrecht, we have kept you informed of what is going to change in the production version of the TakeOff. You can read this again under the news items on our website.

In ‘Behind the scenes’ we give you a look behind the scenes of Easy Caravanning and the realisation of the TakeOff. This week we will tell you a bit more about the production preparation and in particular the fit of the exterior parts that give the TakeOff its unique look.

In traditional caravans and folding trailers, the walls are usually attached to each other with screws and aluminium profiles. With the TakeOff, we wanted to achieve a smooth rounded bodywork as automotive as possible. In order to keep its aerodynamic resistance to a minimum and to emphasize its unique design. But that’s easier said than done. That’s why we are currently working hard to check the first plastic exterior parts we received from our supplier for dimensions, fit and tolerance.

We also manufacture special bonding and fitting moulds that always ensure during the assembly process that the parts are correctly bonded together and that the roof fits seamlessly to the trailer body.

productievoorbereiding van de TakeOff
Checking the fit of the bodywork parts of the TakeOff.


The result is an impact and hail resistant streamlined bodywork. The plastic exterior parts are wrapped around the inner body like a jacket. Thanks to this double-shell bodywork structure, water does not get a chance to penetrate the interior, as rainwater is always drained off between the inner and outer walls. Our cooperation partner Plastoform in Slovenia is market leader in the supply of plastic moulded parts for the recreational vehicle industry.

The production process is explained in the following video:







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