TakeOff 2021: main product changes


TakeOff 2021: main product changes

Following the sales success of the First Edition series earlier this year, we are preparing to manufacture the 2021 models. The assembly line at the Emmen plant is being scaled up for further expansion in Europe. In addition, a number of product changes are planned for 2021. Here are the most important changes:

  • In response to the irreversible trend towards electrification, the TakeOff will from now on be fully electrified as standard. The 2021 versions of the Sport and Xcite will include an attractive “2-zone” induction cooktop with adjustable temperature and power levels. In spring and autumn, the TakeOff will make you feel comfortable in no time with the optional high-quality and very low-noise ceramic heating from the Swiss manufacturer Ecomat. Just like the cooker, this handy portable heater can be set to different power levels. Meanwhile, Easy Caravanning is also working hard on an integrated lightweight solar system with charge controller and on-board battery. This system, which allows autonomous camping, is expected to be available as a factory option in the second half of 2021. Anyone who still wants to cook on gas (and, if desired, also wants to be able to use an absorption cool box on gas) has the option of having a gas installation fitted.
  • The use of the induction hob mentioned above has made the removable kitchen of the 2021 models more compact and lighter. Weight and making the most efficient use of the available space continuously play a very important role in product development. Therefore the TakeOff 2021 is now equipped with a foldable lightweight sink, and a foldable jerrycan which can be used both indoors and outdoors. The handy wireless kitchen water tap is also easy to take outside and can even serve as an outdoor shower, flexibility at your service.
  • With the furniture tops hinged upwards on both sides, extra storage space can be created as required. This clever construction automatically creates a splash screen on the left side when cooking inside and the coolbox, which is located on the right-hand side of the cabinet, can easily be taken out for outdoor use.
TakeOff te zien bij de Tentrailercenters
TakeOff at our Dutch Tentrailercenters

Distribution partners are installing

Prices for the 2021 models are € 13.895,- for the TakeOff Active, € 16.295,- for the TakeOff Sport and € 19.595,- for the very complete top model TakeOff Xcite. Note: indicated prices are Dutch consumer prices including 21% VAT ex works. We are currently working hard to extend our European distribution network, but caused by the current travel restrictions this will take a little longer. As soon as new distribution partners are installed, this will be posted on our website.







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