[Left and right founders of Easy Caravanning Maarten de Roos and Rikus Hoving, in the middle prototype builder Dennis Tiethoff.]


It’s almost time: the Dutch Camping & Caravan Exhibition opens in Utrecht (the Netherlands) its doors on Wednesday the 9th of October at 10 a.m. From October 9 till the 13th the new Dutch brand Easy Caravanning will present a real scoop with the TakeOff in hall 11, booth number G65. The innovative concept combines the advantages of a traditional touring caravan with those of a folding trailer, a so-called crossover: ‚the best of both worlds‘. The convenience of a trailer tent while driving, but within 30 seconds the comfort of a caravan, also when passing through during a rest break.

„We are very proud of the result of the TakeOff. But it wasn’t easy to make our dream come true. What helped a lot was that all three of us are former colleagues at Kip Caravans, complementing each other and understanding each other well. At the fair we will present two handmade prototypes. In the coming months we will focus on the further preparation of the manufacturing process, after which the first production versions will leave the assembly line from March 2020.“

After the exhibition, the TakeOff will first be on display at ‚De Vouwwagenspecialist‘ in Boxtel – the Netherlands – exclusive retailer for the Benelux, from 15 October onwards. De Vouwwagenspecialist (= Dutch for the tent trailer specialist) is owned by Wim van der Vorst, who acquired the Dutch folding trailer manufacturer Holtkamper in 2017. Van der Vorst is co-investor in the TakeOff project of Easy Caravanning. Further expansion of the distribution network in the Netherlands and abroad is currently in progress.

The TakeOff is for sale from € 12,995. This is an introduction price for the first series. For more information see our website.




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