The ideal travel companion for Tesla drivers


Congratulations Tesla! We have the ideal travel companion for Tesla drivers.

Easy Caravanning congratulates Tesla with the achieved sales results. For the first time in the Netherlands, an electric car seems to be the best-selling car of the year. With the TakeOff recently launched by the Dutch Easy Caravanning, there is now the ideal travel companion for electric and compact towing cars.

In the Netherlands, the Tesla Model 3 is the best-selling passenger car up to and including September, with a market share of over 4 percent. And in September, the Tesla Model 3 even accounted for 15.5 percent of all cars sold. This year, 9 percent of all newly sold cars in the Netherlands are fully electric.

Electric cars are becoming increasingly affordable. The fiscal climate in the Netherlands is also favourable for the purchase of a fully electric vehicle. In addition, the range (for the Tesla model 3, depending on the type, from at least 400 to over 500 km) and the number of charging stations are steadily increasing. The engine characteristics of an electric car are ideally suited as a caravan towing vehicle because the torque is immediately available at low revs.
This makes the electric car (especially in the case of the Tesla Model 3) more and more suitable to tow a caravan or tent trailer. And that is good news for a caravan-loving country like the Netherlands, where as many as 3 out of 100 people own a caravan.

With the TakeOff, Easy Caravanning responds to the trend towards increasingly compact and economical passenger cars with small combustion engines and to the transition to fully electric vehicles. Due to its small exterior dimensions, the TakeOff falls completely ‚in the shade‘ of the front surface of the Tesla Model 3 (and of almost all other compact towing cars). Because the air resistance of a combination of a car with a caravan increases quadratically as a function of vehicle speed, the range of an electric car in combination with a traditional caravan will normally decrease drastically. Even in the case of a compact towing vehicle with a small, economical combustion engine, the performance will decrease significantly as a function of speed where the fuel consumption will increase significantly.

Since the extra drag with the TakeOff (also due to its aerodynamic design with a low cw value) is almost negligible, only the weight and rolling resistance still have an influence on the fuel or energy consumption of the combination. With an empty weight of only 550 kg, the TakeOff weighs at most half of the average of a traditional middle class touring caravan. In short, the Tesla model 3 and the TakeOff are the ideal holiday combination.

Tesla model 3 met TakeOff is aerodynamisch

Tesla: we are ready for TakeOff!

-The TakeOff is for sale from € 12.995,- (introduction price 2019) –

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