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The TakeOff, a brand new RV camping concept of Easy Caravanning is coming. In close cooperation with the Dutch tent trailer manufacturer Holtkamper, Rikus Hoving and Maarten de Roos are currently working in Emmen (the Netherlands) on the realisation of a new innovative product: the ‘TakeOff’. This first product of the new brand Easy Caravanning unites the benefits of a tent trailer and a traditional touring caravan.

As from now you can sign-in on to keep track of the latest news on the development of the TakeOff, ‘Made in Holland’. Along with Holtkamper, the Dutch high-end tent manufacturer Karsten (famous from their inflatable tents) is closely involved in the project as well.

“All gain, no pain”, that was our point of departure Rikus Hoving explains. “Ready to camp within 30 seconds – also when having a break during travelling – and ready to go with the same ease.” Maarten de Roos continues: “The TakeOff is very suitable for compact towing cars with smaller engines and for electric vehicles as well, the ultimate camping hopper actually. Because of its limited outer dimensions, low weight, and a free view to the rear, driving with the TakeOff is very easy for everybody. Additional side mirrors and a special driving licence are therefore not needed. Besides product development, the manufacturing of the TakeOff will also happen in the Netherlands.”

Joint investor and project partner Wim van der Vorst (owner of Holtkamper tent trailers and ‘De Vouwwagen Specialist Holland’) adds: “This product perfectly responds to the current trends in our market. I am convinced that the ease of use and modern design, in combination with the price, will be embraced by a broad audience. Because of its market positioning we therefore decided to launch the TakeOff under the new brand Easy Caravanning.”

The official market introduction will take place on the Dutch ‘Kampeer & Caravan Jaarbeurs’ RV leisure exhibition in Utrecht on October 9, 2019. Till then more information about the TakeOff will be released gradually on the website Soon, early birds can also pre-order online and get a voucher of € 1.000,-. This voucher can be spent on options and accessories when the purchase of your TakeOff is transacted. Don’t wait too long as this temporary promotion is only valid for the first 100 applicants.

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