Go wherever and whenever you want


Is it a tent trailer? Or is it a pop-up caravan? It’s pretty hard to position the new camp concept TakeOff of Easy Caravanning in a certain product category. Maybe the best way to describe the TakeOff is to call it a crossover of a tent trailer and a compact touring caravan.

All gain, no pain, the best of both worlds. Designed for the adventurous camper. A day of kitesurfing by the sea? The TakeOff is very easy to take along and immediately provides you with all the necessary comfort. Are you actually a ‚camping hopper‘ who wants to see as much as possible and don’t you want to spend a big part of your holiday at the same location? Take it easy, the TakeOff is your ultimate travel companion. Ready to camp and ready to go in an instant. Because of its low weight and superior aerodynamics, you will hardly notice the TakeOff is following you. As a result the extra fuel or energy consumption will be limited. With the TakeOff you always have access to your own favorite car, whether it’s a Fiat 500 Convertible, a Mini or maybe even a Tesla model 3. Once you have arrived at your next destination, you can explore the surroundings with the same ease as you’re used to in daily life.

Driving, manoeuvring, getting ready to camp, getting ready for departure: with the TakeOff your holiday starts when closing the front door at home. Chillax, it’s all done in a simple, uncomplicated way. Always facing a new adventure, the ultimate de-stressing.

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