Free as a bird


Go wherever you want. Over and over again. Break free for the weekend, or discover your favorite holiday destination? Shall we stay or move on?

It’s up to you, with the TakeOff it’s all possible. Everything you need, always available. Ready for the next adventure. Easy Caravanning, the new camping, chasing your dreams of freedom.

The TakeOff is a unique innovation in the world of RV leisure. Ready for a coffee break when travelling? No problem, the TakeOff quickly turns into your own ‚coffee corner‘, fully equipped. And after the break – in the blink of an eye – it will follow you again in style (and unnoticeable), up to your next destination. Comfortable during the trip and comfortable on arrival.

We were inspired by the ultimate challenge. Free view to the rear, no additional side mirrors needed, no special ‘trailer driving license’. On your journey you always keep a clear overall view as your rear-view mirror doesn’t get blocked. Reverse driving becomes child’s play. And all this within a modern contemporary automotive design that can be personalised according to your own wishes. Once arrived at your destination, you make a good impression with the unique lifting mechanism: your TakeOff is ready for use in a split second, ready to enjoy!

The lightweight concept ensures sufficient payload where the total weight remains below 750 kg. Ideal for compact towing cars or electric cars. The limited outer dimensions make it easy to store the TakeOff at home in the driveway under a tarpaulin or under a carport.

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