Take off the roof


With the TakeOff, the roof is literally taken off during your holiday! Comfortably compact on the outside during the trip but big on the inside if possible.

You just unlock the integrated stairs at the rear, a little push to the roof, and then … WHOOSHH! The TakeOff opens automatically: with just a few small steps immediately ready for use. Due to the unique lifting mechanism with the gas springs, the TakeOff unfolds in an instant. Co-campers will be jealous of this unprecedented ease of set-up. Not only when you have arrived at your holiday destination, but you will also have full access to your TakeOff (equipped with all the conveniences you need) during a rest-break while traveling.

Would you like to continue your journey, or would you like to go to a different location in your favourite holiday country in search of a new adventure? With the same ease you can collapse the TakeOff again, ready to go. You decide, always ready for TakeOff.

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